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The Method to collect the information for the World Road Statistics involves several steps during a year:

- Update of the local contacts (name, position, email, telephone, address) of primary statistical sources and national authorities of each country.

- Prepare the WRS questionnaire with the WRS data available from countries (the questionnaire is based in four languages: English, French, Spanish and Russian)

- Send the questionnaire to the contact of the countries with a first deadline to collect the information (2 months)

- Follow-up good reception of the information and questions

- Send the second and definitive deadline to non-response countries

- Editing of the received questionnaires and feedback with local contacts for improving data, typing errors, definitions and measurement, missing values, zero values, non-available data and misspecification

- Collection of the official and latest statistical yearbooks to complement information

- Final review (typing errors, doubling, extreme values) and final publication of the data

- Follow-up good reception of the information and questions

- Feedback from local contacts about the publication for improvement on the next version.

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